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Data is the new natural resource of the world, enabling quick development of a competitive edge. While available data grows massively in volume and at an increased velocity, 80% of data available to organizations goes unexploited. It’s been found that those using data most effectively can gain up to 1,300% in ROI.



1,300% ROI

Organizations that leverage data effectively can gain up to 1300% ROI from analytics


Of data available to enterprises is not being exploited

The key lies in realizing the potential embedded within the variety of available data, in your organisation and outside of it, and transforming it into the insights and actions required to drive the enterprise forward.

BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™  delivers rapid ROI through cognitive computing applications configured for specific industries and business functions. At the same time, ELEMENT™ is a highly scalable and customizable platform that serves as your Enterprise A.I. Operating System™. This ‘operating system’ is engineered for efficient access to wide range of data – whether at rest or in motion, internal or external to the organization – with powerful built-in capabilities to generate business intelligence, decisioning, situational awareness and predictions. Use our software to rapidly build powerful corporate or commercial applications that deliver on our vision of the Intelligence of Everything™.


ELEMENT’s data acquisition and management engine, Gravity Hub, readily addresses the four well-known V’s of big data – volume, variety, velocity and veracity – while adding two more: visualization and value. Gravity Hub can assimilate any number of data points, including structured and unstructured data, temporal and geospatial feeds. The number of corporate and public data sources it taps into is effectively limitless. ELEMENT’s analytic engine, Cognitive Hub, adapts its understanding of the situation in real time based on a combination of Data Science and AI technologies and methodologies. Cognitive Hub also is adept at resolving ambiguous data, identifying which version of a data point is likely to be more correct and timely, and which data entities require merger. Most importantly, ELEMENT™ always presents insights and recommendations to users in an intuitive manner, highlighting those relationships and trends that affect decision-making right now.


Cognitive computing represents data, learning and actions in new ways compared to traditional databases and transactional systems. Your technologists need a robust means of managing these enterprise intelligence applications, while your security and compliance teams must be confident they are adhering to business policies and regulations. ELEMENT™ delivers on these requirements via its Management Hub module. It provides a centralized console for configuring the application(s) and controlling access. Use a drag & drop interface to define data pipelines then build business logic and policy enforcement rules. Monitor computing tasks. Control user access according to configurable domains, security clearance or job level. When needed, reference the audit trail of all data changes and user actions.

Flexible Licensing

To make it attractive for your organization to explore and grow its use of ELEMENT™, BlackSwan offers flexible licensing models. There are price tiers for initial exploration of the software; proof of concept phase; full rollout; and enterprise-wide deployment. In addition, organizations building applications on ELEMENT™ for commercial resale are eligible for a “community” license, with special pricing and terms that make it attractive to embed cognitive computing capabilities in your solutions right now.

Enterprise A.I.

At BlackSwan, we believe A.I. should mean the Augmentation and Acceleration of Intelligence for your enterprise and partners. That’s why we refer to ELEMENT™ as an Enterprise A.I. Operating System. Applications built on our ELEMENT™ software become embedded within an enterprise’s DNA, enabling advanced decisioning capabilities across-the-board, through intelligently curated information at one’s fingertips.

Designed for Enterprise


ELEMENT™ thrives in business environments where industry-specific expertise and sophisticated business processes must be supported. ELEMENT’s search and analytic engines comprehend the entities, relationships and terminology specific to your business. Information is searched, captured and correlated in a central intelligence store, while individual departments receive custom views of the information. Built-in alerts, workflows and integration with your transactional systems turn these insights into action. Our customers achieve not only substantial business performance improvements but revolutionary new ways to design their business models and strategies for market leadership.


Comprehensive Capabilities


ELEMENT™ includes a wide array of best-in-class technologies in the search, big data, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and contextual analytics practices. Capabilities include a high-precision vertical (topic-customizable) search engine, web crawlers and scraping, neural networks and machine/deep learning, natural language processing and chatbots, entity extraction and knowledge graphs, relationship networks/graph computation, data visualization, predictive analytics, hypothesis testing and more. Each capability is available to apply to new business requirements through a visual user interface that minimizes learning time and almost no coding. Begin applying ELEMENT™ to one focused set of business requirements, then expand over time to deliver augmented intelligence support to your entire organization.


Self-Sufficient Customization

ELEMENT™ readily adapts to your organization’s specific requirements and environment. Based on changes to the information it monitors, the software’s Business Process Manager can automatically initiate workflows and alerts you define targeted at specific groups of users. Industry-common integration methods include traditional and non-relational data query methods, and REST APIs. With ELEMENT’s Management Hub module and visually-oriented methods of configuring data sources and business logic, customers become self-sufficient in ongoing customization.