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BlackSwan Technologies works with renowned, global organisations across different industries. In addition to support from our delivery services, technology and data science teams, customers also have access to our online Digital University.

Check out our FAQs below. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, you can always reach us using the Contact Page.


What do you actually do?

We’re putting an end to failing digital transformation initiatives! Firms are still striving for a way to seamlessly ingest new data sources, utilise advanced technologies and unify siloed data and IT systems. It will usually take organisations years and cost them hundreds of millions to implement the technology they’ve selected – and this will only solve a niche part of their overall struggle.

We believe in a new approach. We provide them with the complete end-to-end solution they need, while also offering point solutions that target specific problems. We deliver the technology faster and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Composability is in our DNA, meaning we can ensure that all of the building blocks for our applications can be used to create customised, specialist applications. Most importantly, our technology is cloud agnostic, uses a Data Fabric approach to bypass data silos and incorporates Composite AI techniques to provide game-changing insights.

How do you compare to the market?

We’ve gained recognition from the leading research and analyst firms, and have won awards for our technology along the way.

We have been recognised as a Pioneer and Market Leader in Composite AI by Gartner, as Best in Big Data AI by AI Dev World, and Most Innovative Knowledge Graphs Implementation at the A-Team Innovation Awards. We’ve also been listed in the Red Herring Europe Top 100.

We have been recognised in the vertical field of Compliance for our BlackSwan Financial Compliance application – being named in the Chartis Risk Quadrant for KYC and AML, winning the Risk Technology Award for Anti-Fraud and AML products of the year, and winning the RegTech Insight award for KYC Solutions for Client Onboarding.

Are you a compliance company?

Although we’re considered a leader in the Compliance domain, it’s just one of the many domains we focus on.

Through our partners, we operate in various other verticals, where we trust in our partners’ expertise and knowledge, collaborating with them to fully exploit our leading technology – to provide the best results for enterprises.

I came up with a killer app, can you tailor make an AI algorithm for me?

You’re in the right place. With ELEMENT you can build your own application, and embed the AI algorithm that best fits your business. Our community licence enables you to construct a working prototype in just a couple of weeks to prove your application rocks!

Once you’re happy with the results, shift to a limited commercial licence which will allow you to engage with customers.

Contact us at sales@blackswan-technologies.com and we’ll get you started

ELEMENT looks great, any way I can try it out?

We offer a community licence that allows you to test the water, and a limited commercial licence that will allow you to run paid PoCs using the platform.

Drop us a note on sales@blackswan-technologies.com and will get you up and running.

I have an idea for the perfect niche for ELEMENT! Are you looking to partner?

BlackSwan Technologies is always open to establishing value-added partnerships which can benefit enterprises.

If you have a perfect understanding of your market, and have the know-how to sell and deliver within it, this may be the beginning of a fantastic journey together.

We already work with some of the biggest and specialist partners in the world, and we’d like to continue doing so in the years to come!

Contact us at partners@blackswan-technologies.com to discuss how we can best work together, and find out about our Partner Onboarding programme.