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Payment Service Providers

Ensure flawless synchronicity in the flow of funds across multiple banking ecosystems


BlackSwan’s award-winning ELEMENT™ allows payment service providers (PSPs) to increase the convenience of electronic payment methods while being proactive in monitoring the hyper-paced and dynamic transactional environment for fraudulent activities, money laundering, and terrorist financing. With ever-increasing regulator scrutiny and transaction volumes, PSPs need to evolve from rule-based alerting which used alone results in a high number of false positive alerts and can lead to regulator fines. Using ELEMENT, PSPs can benefit from intelligent AI-based monitoring with network and behaviour analysis, along with advanced rule-based capabilities.

ELEMENT’s ability to ensure quality data is easily accessible can help PSPs to feed chatbots and other interactive systems that customers will see on the front-end, reducing the time and effort associated with payment. Predictive AI algorithms promote tailored products and services to customers in an effort to strengthen the relationship. At the backend, AI is used to orchestrate vulnerability testing of platforms and systems in order to ensure all loopholes and entry points are identified and closed off before criminals can exploit them.  


Why BlackSwan?


    • Advanced Market Intelligence 

      Personalise your customer journey by building comprehensive customer profiles, obtaining an individualised understanding of customer preferences, and deriving rich insights that help tailor financial offerings.


    • Robust Risk Management

      Enable rapid decisions on credit and loans by dynamically monitoring the direct and indirect risk implications of entities and their connections while analysing the impact associated with major life events.


    • Sophisticated Compliance Capabilities

      Ensure you stay complaint, meet deadlines and can easily react to new regulations. Thwart money laundering and put a stop to fraudulent transactions. 




About BlackSwan Technologies

BlackSwan Technologies is reinventing enterprise software through Agile Intelligence for the Enterprise – a fusion of data, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies that provides unparalleled business value. Our multi-tiered enterprise offerings include the award-winning platform-as-a-service, ELEMENT™, which enables organizations to build enterprise AI applications at scale for any domain quickly and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. BlackSwan and its global partners also provide industry-proven applications that are ready-made and fully customisable for rapid ROI. These offerings are generating billions of dollars in economic value through digital transformation at renowned global brands. The private company maintains gravity centers in the UK, Europe, Israel, the US, and Sri Lanka.