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Feb. 26, 2021

AI is Transforming Personalisation in Financial Services

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 “Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more present within the financial services industry. Whether it is helping banks determine an individual’s credit risk, or helping consumers finding the services that are right for them, AI offers many benefits to finance.” – summarizes Polly Harrison from The Fintech Times.

Michael Ouliel, founder and CEO of BlackSwan Technologies shares his view that one of the key benefits of using AI is personalisation – changing the way banks approach customer acquisition, product marketing and customer engagement. He provides examples that he has seen first-hand at many financial organisations.

In the article, he explains that in order to remain competitive, financial institutions must revise their legacy business and operating models and turn to AI-based technologies, to enable significant revenue growth through increased efficiencies, new value propositions and distinctive customer experiences. Read the full article here.