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Jun. 05, 2017

“Artificial Intelligence learns and motivates the consumer”

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Vice President of Blackswan Technologies, which specializes in analyzing user behavior on the Web, explained at Calcalist’s e-Commerce conference how AI can be used to improve sales performance. “We’re in a generation where content has a lot of context which can drive consumers,” she said.

“We are in a generation where content has a lot of context which can drive consumers. For example, the frequency of purchases, response to offers by companies, times when users entered sites, time spent looking at products. All these exposes the websurfer, whether he buys brands, is a recurring purchaser or is looking for additional context during the acquisition”, explained Elinoar Oliel, vice president of operations at Blackswan Technologies, at Calcalist’s e-commerce conference. The company analyses the behaviour of websurfers using an artificial intelligence system and algorithms developed by the company.

According to Ouliel, there is a lot that can be understood about every person on the Internet: “According to my profile made of all the information that mentions me on the Internet, one can see that I represent a lot more than being a deputy CEO. I am also a mother of three children and a member of several different communities. I buy online, ask questions and share my opinion”, she said. According to her, data collection helps to conduct a virtual system experiment and there is a footprint that is generated for every step websurfers make online.

Ouliel explained how a cognitive system of artificial intelligence works: “We both, collect information and create insights from that information. There are two elements – looking at existing customers and understanding who they really are, by creating insights about them, what to offer them and when to do so.”

She says the system answers a lot of questions such as why consumers consume products: “Understanding how the customer is engaging in real time, before and after a product or service is offered by companies. In addition, the system enables understanding customers in multiple different layers, identify potential customers by monitoring, profile their behavior and possible ways to approach them, while identifying sentiments important for these potential clients. All this will assist the Company in its offers to customers and in the competition with other companies in the field. Thus, it is possible to improve the user and consumer experiences and to produce recommendations and promotions in order to increase the consumer’s staying on the platform and to create consumer loyalty.”

"We're in a generation where content has a lot of context which can drive consumers" — Elinoar Ouliel

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Anat Danielli for The Big-e, Calcalist 
First published June 5, 2017: 11:46 AM IST