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Aug. 17, 2021

BlackSwan Technologies Listed in 2 Gartner Hype Cycles for 2021

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BlackSwan Technologies named within the field of Composite AI


17 August 2021, London: 

BlackSwan Technologies is delighted to have been listed in two 2021 Gartner Hype Cycles. For Artificial Intelligence, and for Data Science and Machine Learning. This marks the second year in a row since it went off stealth in 2019, that BlackSwan’s have been named in two of Gartner’s Hype Cycles.

Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence focuses on AI initiatives that accelerate enterprises’ digital transformation of their core operations. 

Gartner’s Hype Cycle of Data Science and Machine Learning (DSML) analyses how accelerated digitisation is driving the urgency to productise experimental data science and machine learning initiatives. 

In both Hype Cycles, BlackSwan is listed within the field of Composite AI alongside long time industry leaders such as IBM, SAS Institute and FICO, illustrating the strength of BlackSwan’s flagship product ELEMENT, the world’s first AI Operating System.

The field of Composite AI is listed amongst the most transformational (offering the highest benefit) to enterprises, and the closest to mainstream adoption (2 to 5 years). Gartner explains that Composite AI refers to the combined application of different AI techniques to improve the efficiency of learning to broaden the level of knowledge representations and, ultimately, to solve a wider range of business problems in a more efficient manner.

ELEMENT combines multiple AI technologies; machine/deep learning, natural language processing, contextual analytics, cognitive computing, and knowledge graphs. It enables organisations to automatically infer insights, strengthen team decision-making abilities and enhance operational efficiencies.

These benefits echo the two key benefits of Composite AI outlined by Gartner. First, that it brings the power of AI to a broader group of organisations that may not have access to large amounts of historical or labelled data but possess significant expertise. Second, it helps to expand the scope and quality of AI applications, in addition to better interpretability, resilience and the support of augmented intelligence.

While other companies promise to ‘harness big data’, ELEMENT uses AI to enable data discovery, knowledge management and data-based reasoning based on a data fabric architecture with a no-code approach.


More about ELEMENT

BlackSwan Technologies’ flagship product ELEMENT™ is trusted by the world’s leading banks, including one of them projecting $50m in annual economic benefit with full implementation. 

ELEMENT is based on vendor-independent infrastructure, allowing for the integration and parallel operation of existing data and technology assets. It is a cloud-agnostic solution, engineered to deliver the fastest time to market, military-grade security, enterprise-level data governance, and unlimited scalability, with low cost of ownership and minimal CAPEX.

Available ELEMENT applications include Market Intelligence, Marketing/Personalisation, Risk, E-Discovery, Compliance, Insurance, and more. Go to BlackSwan Technologies website to Read more.


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