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Jan. 12, 2022

BST LABS and BlackSwan Technologies launch the Cloud AI Operating System – CAIOS

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No-cost Platform Ops infrastructure automates the compilation of cloud resource specifications from programming code, while improving security and performance


12 Janaury 2022, Tel Aviv: 

BST LABS, and its parent company, BlackSwan Technologies, announce the release of CAIOS, the Cloud AI Operating System. CAIOS represents an ideal environment for the development, deployment and optimisation of software for the cloud. It provides order-of-magnitude gains in cloud developer productivity, code quality, scale-to-budget, and security. It’s available at no cost at www.caios.io .

A key feature of the product is one-click, automated compilation of programming code into the complete logic, resource configuration and permissions specification required by a cloud platform. Even short programs can generate hundreds to a thousand-plus lines of cloud configuration code, which many IT departments today write by hand. CAIOS replaces this inefficient approach with automated ‘Infrastructure from Code’. With this Platform Ops feature, CAIOS adopters can achieve 10x faster development and test cycles, near-zero deployment effort, and accelerated time-to-market for their digital offerings. 

User comments testify to the technology’s power: “CAIOS is simply a huge step forward for developer productivity.” “It addresses some of the biggest pain points for a technology consultancy – adapting to a client’s DevOps unique processes and addressing questions about cloud application security.”

CAIOS provides compelling support for a range of technical audiences. These include:

  • IT departments that want to automate DevOps processes, support development agility and improve cloud security;
  • Migration engineers who need to pursue digital transformation through the incremental development of micro-services;
  • Startups who wish to develop a cloud-based offering as quickly as possible without specialized cloud deployment expertise; and 
  • Educational programs that want to isolate students from the complexities of the Cloud while teaching other computer science and information systems concepts.


MTA, the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, recently had 70 students use CAIOS in their program. MTA is a pioneering institution known for experiential learning. Visiting Lecturer Artem Barger commented, “This semester, our students had an exceptional experience with CAIOS developing in a real-world cloud environment. The class objective was to apply cryptographic techniques using practical coding methods. CAIOS made it easy and efficient to deploy code to the Cloud and apply security best practices, allowing the class to focus on learning new techniques and develop application logic.”

Technologists freely can install the cloud-based development framework at www.caios.io for exploration and commercial use. This infrastructure is designed to be compatible with major programming languages and cloud platforms, beginning with AWS and Python. An introductory video is available.

About BST LABS and BlackSwan Technologies

BST LABS is an innovation subsidiary of BlackSwan Technologies. BlackSwan is reinventing enterprise software through Agile Intelligence for the Enterprise – a fusion of data, AI, and cloud technologies that generates billions of dollars in economic value for global brands. CAIOS originally was created as the foundational cloud deployment layer for BlackSwan’s flagship AI platform-as-a-service, ELEMENT™. For BlackSwan’s full suite of offerings, visit www.blackswantechnologies.ai

Now that CAIOS is being offered independently by BST LABS, organisations of all sizes can benefit from the development agility, cloud performance and platform portability that contributes to BlackSwan’s success in serving industry-leading enterprises. For more on the BlackSwan Technologies/BST LABS relationship, visit www.blackswantechnologies.ai/caios/.


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