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Aug. 26, 2020

BlackSwan Technologies – Named a Leader

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BlackSwan Technologies Named a Pioneer in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2020 Report


In its annual report of “must watch” emerging technologies, Gartner has named BlackSwan Technologies as an enterprise artificial intelligence leader that is redefining the industry.

As the world’s first AI operating system, BlackSwan Technologies is a pioneer in what Gartner refers to as “Composite AI” — the combined application of different AI techniques to improve accuracy and efficiency and “bring AI closer to human learning and intelligence.”

BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ #AI operating system functions much like the human brain — it consumes vast amounts of data from unconnected sources, analyzes it and generates powerful insights, while continuously evolving and learning. This technology is completely customizable, cloud-agnostic and can be utilized to drive end-to-end digital transformation across the entire business, in any industry.

While the megatrend of “democratizing AI” continues to dominate the landscape, BlackSwan Technologies is the first company to make the world’s most powerful AI truly accessible with a low cost, easy to use platform that requires no expertise or historical data sets.

#CompositeAI was included on Gartner’s list for the first time this year and enterprises “looking to explore the boundaries of AI” are encouraged by Gartner to consider BlackSwan Technologies and other early pioneers in this space to improve their operational efficiencies and enable digital transformation.

More information on the report is available here.

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