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Oct. 19, 2020

Fraud in Financial Services Summit 2020

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BlackSwan Technologies had a privilege to act as a sponsor and presenter at the Fraud in Financial Services Summit (October 21st 2020).

In his presentation: “Compliance Intelligence using Composite AI“, Harinder Sudan (SVP, Financial Intelligence Unit) explained how BlackSwan Technologies is able to demonstrate the following results by implementing the ELEMENT™ of Compliance:

  • increasing the screening accuracy to over 99%
  • doubling the analyst productivity
  • decreasing noise by 80%

Besides attending presentations, the over 300 registered summit participants, delegates from key global banks and financial institutions, engaged in round table discussions and panel sessions.

When visiting the BlackSwan Technologies Virtual Booth, one of the delegates stated:


I am blown away. The technology that you are showing is two generations ahead of what our bank is using.

One of  the Virtual Booth Visitors


Recognized as a Leader in KYC and AML Solutions 2020 by Chartis Research, and named a 2020 Leader in the breakthrough Composite AI by Gartner, BlackSwan Technologies showcased the benefits of the end-to-end approach to fraud detection and compliance.

BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT of Compliance is extensively used by financial institutions to accelerate and innovate how they prevent, detect, and investigate fraudulent activity. It is implemented as a complete end-to-end compliance system or augments the existing platforms to tackle the latest and most difficult fraud schemes using cognitive computing – while offering complete customization and cloud-agnostic deployment.

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ELEMENT™ is a domain agnostic, flexible, AI-powered operating system with a target use across many industries including Insurance, Marketing, Transportation, and others.

To read more about applications, Click HERE.

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