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Nov. 19, 2021

Improve DevSecOps 10x by Embracing CAIOS

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Developers and DevSecOps discover early on that taking software from concept to deployment in the cloud is more complicated than it should be.

A new generation of cloud infrastructure is needed that makes software components and microservices faster to code and test, and automatic to secure.

This is where new high-performance cloud infrastructure – ‘CAIOS’ – the Cloud AI Operating System, comes in. CAIOS, available from our affiliate, BST LABS, works with integrated development environments and cloud platforms to deliver 10x improvements in these areas. It features an Infrastructure-from-Code compiler that automatically interprets common programming language code and generates the thousands of lines of cloud resource configuration and access specifications needed to make use of cloud services.

Read the full article by BlackSwan’s Scott Lichtman on Medium here


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