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Dec. 23, 2021

Infrastructure-as-Code: Configurations, Challenges & CDKs (ComputerWeekly)

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Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a prominent trend in the world of cloud infrastructure and DevOps. It provides version control across cloud environment configuration specifications. This is essential given the thousand-plus of lines of instructions needed to configure a typical application on the cloud. With the cloud, maintaining control of the environment setup is as critical as managing the programming code itself. 

Despite its growing popularity, IaC is confronted by several fundamental obstacles. First, the IaC approach requires extensive oversight. The tools are powerful and readily can be applied in error, in no small part because configuration templates often are crafted manually. Uncaught errors can quickly expose your broader cloud infrastructure to performance issues and risks.

This quick read by Asher Sterkin, GM of BST LABS, in Computer Weekly highlights the main advantages and challenges of IaC. It prepares IT professionals for an understanding of Infrastructure from Code, a means of automating the configuration specifications that today are usually painstakingly built by DevOps with IaC tools.

BST LABS are the creators of CAIOS – the Cloud AI Operating System – which delivers Infrastructure from Code. BST LABS is a subsidiary of BlackSwan Technologies. 


See www.caios.io to download CAIOS at no cost.