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Dec. 30, 2021

Defining Infrastructure From Code (ComputerWeekly)

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Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a major trend in the world of cloud infrastructure and DevOps. It provides version control across cloud environment configuration specifications, giving IT departments greater control and consistency across their cloud instances.

The next generation of this technology is now coming to the fore: Infrastructure from Code (IfC, instead of the older IaC) interprets traditional programming language code and automatically generates the thousand-plus lines of configuration specification needed to deploy most apps on the cloud. This automated approach not only shrinks software development and deployment efforts, but also enforces testing and security best practices, and opens the door for cloud portability and AI-based performance optimisation.

This briefing, part 2, in Computer Weekly explains why Infrastructure from Code delivers on the full promise of modern, serverless cloud computing that IaC has strived to achieve. The piece is written by Asher Sterkin, GM of BST LABS, creators of CAIOS – the Cloud AI Operating System – which delivers Infrastructure from Code. BST LABS is a subsidiary of BlackSwan Technologies. 


See www.caios.io to download CAIOS at no cost.