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Feb. 09, 2021

SalesTechStar Interview with Michael Ouliel, CEO at BlackSwan Technologies

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Michael Ouliel, CEO at BlackSwan Technologies shares his experience and learnings on the company successful emerging from stealth. This is how he explains the secret behind the current rapid growth:

“I think that we have seen such rapid growth since our launch from stealth because what we are offering is truly unique in the industry. Our platform, unlike others, allows enterprises to harness the most advanced AI and digitally transform their operations, without requiring massive amounts of historic data sets, countless hours of data normalization or technical in-house expertise to implement.

We have also established partnerships with some of the world’s leading consultancies and management firms, such as Deloitte, which have significantly expanded the reach of our technology. By training our partners to build, implement and sell the ELEMENT platform, they have been able to successfully deliver our technology to many of their diverse clients.”

Read the full Interview – discussion about the biggest innovations in the enterprise AI applications and the company’s plans for 2021.