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Jan. 25, 2022

The Top Data Fabric Use Cases (InformationWeek)

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The design concept of a Data Fabric – one of Gartner’s top strategic trends for 2022 – can help enterprises to overcome many of the challenges resulting from traditional, centralised approaches to data. One of the most suitable use cases for the Data Fabric is in achieving a 360-degree view of a customer.

In an article featured in technology publication InformationWeek by journalist John Edwards, BlackSwan Technologies’ Chief Knowledge Architect Szymon Klarman, explains how the Data Fabric can help enterprises in achieving a comprehensive Single Customer View.

BlackSwan Technologies’  challenges the traditional approach to enterprise data platforms by leveraging ELEMENT Knowledge Mesh capabilities. The capabilities include data virtualization which enables data to reside at source, across different business units, and consumed readily – by anyone with the relevant permission across the enterprise – thanks to a dynamic and intelligent data infrastructure.

BlackSwan’s Knowledge Mesh is a productization of the Data Fabric concept. It can connect structured and unstructured data, as well as OSINT and public data. 


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