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Talent Acquisition



  • Improving revenues and measurably decreasing time spent on less relevant prospects, through analytically-driven recruitment targeting
  • Increasing placement ratios by uncovering candidates' closest relationship to a client and search staff
  • Enabling a major Digital Transformation leap, by utilising ELEMENT’s revolutionary Knowledge Graph to create a detailed network of candidates’ attributes

Enhancement of talent acquisition for an industry-leading executive search firm, by pinpointing previously unreachable candidates using an AI-based searching, profiling and compatibility scoring system



Candidate acquisition was based on ad hoc, labour-intensive HR efforts 

Talent acquisition specialists were challenged with analysing large amounts of data from internal and external sources to locate potential candidates that fit all required criteria 

Dependency on human judgement caused biased decision making in candidate selection


  • Augment existing data assets with information gained from multiple external sources, and create a rich Knowledge Graph of candidates’ attributes
  • Cross-reference candidates’ attributes with employer characteristics and position requirements, and automatically sort candidates by highest correlation
  • Set targeted notifications that trigger when a potential candidate profile passes a threshold acceptance score and fits the client’s requirements


  • Created a rich candidate profile composed of internal and external information — achieving a 360-degree, holistic viewpoint for a better understanding of potential candidates
  • Deployed a Questionnaire Builder to automate interaction with clients and quickly ingest all candidate requirements and client characteristics, attributes, and limitations
  • Applied Link Analyses to Knowledge Graphs about existing clients and recruiting firm’s employees to uncover relationships, generating qualified potential candidates and allowing acquisition specialists to refine the results



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