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Gartner identifies eDiscovery solutions, as tools that “automate and facilitate the electronic discovery (e-discovery) process, which includes the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis and production of digital data in support of the common law discovery process in litigation or other investigative proceedings.” In today’s era of big data, the challenge of finding mission critical information is not limited to law firms, but is a challenge faced by all data intensive organizations.

Whether in order to comply with strict privacy regulations, such as GDPR; search for information across a multitude of dispersed sources, to trace missing assets; or improve customer experience by automating the processing of hand filled and scanned forms, organizations are forced with the need to automate their data acquisition and processing processes.

eDiscovery scenarios combine terabytes of structured, semi-structured (forms), and completely unstructured information (such as open sources), which should be analyzed in various contexts. However scarce skilled human resources, and drawbacks of state of the art eDiscovery tools are preventing organization’s from efficiently processing the data, resulting in slow, and sometimes lacking decisioning processes.

ELEMENT™ eDiscovery harness the power of natural language processing, contextual analytics and AI to ensure successful data acquisition and processing. The system allows automating the ingestion of information from any source, interpreting data in its context, analyzing it, and utilizing it according to relevant business processes.

Advanced Searching  – ELEMENT™ robust Search Engine allows searching information across any source, internal or external, and retrieving it in the context of the business questions, configured by the organization

Document Parsing – ELEMENT™ Document Parser allows automating the ingestion of any volume of manually filled forms, to improve time to resolution

Profiling – ELEMENT™ automatically centralizes information around entities of interest, allowing the organization to specify its business related questions, and how these should be answered

Learning – ELEMENT™ uses customer feedback to learn which results are more favorable, and as a result improve data acquisition process

Other applications

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ELEMENT™ of Marketing

Gain new insights into customer behavior while personalising their user experience throughout the customer journey.

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ELEMENT™ of Compliance

Delivering an end-to-end financial crimes compliance process and leveraging advanced AI, this application addresses requirements for Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Watchlist Screening, Adverse Media Monitoring, and Transaction Monitoring & Intelligence, while dramatically increasing operational efficiencies.

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Cyber Underwriting and Threat Intelligence

By continuously monitoring cyber events, and understanding the risks associated with existing and potential clientele, this application quantifies cyber risk, potential attack vectors, and offers mitigation plans