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Marketers are increasingly dependent on analyzing volumes of data to guide their tactics. At the same time, customers are expecting more personalized interactions with your brand. For enterprises to meet both goals, they require a leading-edge software platform that augments the intelligence applied across your entire organization.

Introducing ELEMENT of Marketing, from BlackSwan Technologies. ELEMENT™ is our Enterprise A.I. Operating System, with the latest capabilities for big data, A.I., cognitive computing and contextual analysis. It has been pre-configured for specific business functions including Marketing, yet is customisable to your organisation’s strategy and operations

ELEMENT™ of Marketing's Capabilities

ELEMENT™ of Marketing delivers the insights you need to succeed in pursuing a range of marketing strategies. The capabilities below are available as individual modules or as an integrated intelligence system for marketing:

  • Affinity Marketing for Lead Generation: One of the top techniques employed in one-to-one marketing is identification of similar traits and behaviors between loyal customers and prospects, in order to optimize the communications and product offerings delivered to prospects. A challenge can be that there is insufficient data accessible about either customer or prospects to make affinity marketing effective. ELEMENT™ of Marketing addresses this through inferred behavioral analysis. For example, a company will possess product purchase information for existing customers, but have access only to aggregate credit card purchase expenses, without knowledge of the products purchased. ELEMENT™ of Marketing can infer customer needs and purchase preferences by cross-correlating known activities from existing customers with similar demographic profiles, who have given permission to share data. More precisely segment traget audiences and insightfully define customer persona.

  • Customer Journey takes lead generation another step forward, by extracting insights from every step the customer takes with you – before, during and after purchase. With Element’s deep learning engine autonomously scanning for correlations between behavior and sales, you can ask questions such as: What are typical paths that customers take between product research and purchase? How does a prospect’s response time between steps affect the likelihood that they need assistance or ultimately make a purchase? Who are likely influencers of consumers’ decisions? With ELEMENT™ for Marketing’s customer journey capabilities, you decide which steps along the path you measure, and ELEMENT™ presents the findings it derives. The software’s analysis extends beyond determining direct sales drivers… to identify synergies among possible drivers of sales and enable you to simulate customer experiences and predict the outcomes from different strategies.

  • Intelligent Dialogue: For many purchasers, there are times when self-guided product research is more efficient and desirable than dialing through a phone tree, waiting for an email response or poring over a website. Here is where intelligent dialogue (chatbot technology) comes into play. Intelligent dialogue can supplement, and at times replace, person-to-person chats while yielding several advantages. They instantaneously can look up any known information about a customer or returning prospect for context about relevant products or circumstances then guide the dialogue efficiently to capture additional data needed to serve the customer.

Guided interactions can be presented directly to your customers, or interfaced with your sales reps, customer agents to reduce the amount of researching and typing, and increase their time available for problem solving. This is especially value if your product or service involves in-depth information compilation from new customers. Your team will see, in parallel with the dialogue history, the status of user profile building and a case management/CRM overview. ELEMENT™ of Marketing’s support for natural language queries, sentiment comprehension, contextual analytics and customer dashboard turn chatbots into a strategic tool to increase customer dialogue and satisfaction while creating operational efficiencies.

  • Account-Based Marketing turns the traditional marketing funnel upside-down. Instead of casting a wide net for prospects then qualifying them via interactions, ABM begins by targeting specific organizations that are a good fit for your offerings, then expands one’s understanding of their situation and related entities that influence the sales cycle. ELEMENT™, in seconds, can build a situational profile of any company based on public and privileged sources, including a relationship graph of related subsidiaries, third-party providers and other entities that work with it. This is particularly valuable with SMEs and private companies, as commercial information database offer limited information about these kinds of firms.

  • Customer Satisfaction activities in most organizations are fragmented, with assessments collected through a variety of approaches by different departments. Marketing runs customer surveys; Sales captures notes from conversations; Customer Service measures issues logged and response times; and everyone awaits the Net Promoter’s Score while hoping satisfaction improves profitability. There has to be a more insightful and coordinated means of tracking customer satisfaction and its effect, and ELEMENT™ of Marketing can play a key role. ELEMENT™ uses A.I. techniques to understand conversations – customer messages, call notes and transcriptions of calls, and social media comments – and can extract sentiment assessments. Its big data integration with your internal and off-the-shelf systems and public conversation sources, plus deep learning/machine language engine, analyze all the measures of customer satisfaction, then correlates all aspects of customer interaction to provide the real reason behind a customer’s sentiment. ELEMENT’s analytics recognize that customer loyalty is highly timeand experience-sensitive. It can even predict adverse responses like customer churn or online complaints, and alert the right team members to reach out proactively and rectify issues.
  • Content Personalization: A recent study found that content marketing is considered CMO’s number one strategy for 2018 to improve the relevancy and impact of customer communications. Marketers have realized this and are creating blogs, videos, e-books and native placement of edutainment to engage customers. However, there is still a dependence on static web pages and search as the means of getting customers/prospects to find the most relevant content for themselves. Imagine instead, if artificial intelligence software, with permission, discretely observed the content a web visitor observes and compared this to the engagement by prior visitors. Then, content is reprioritized so that the most likely relevant material appears most prominently. ELEMENT™ also has natural language processing capabilities to interpret video transcripts, and automatically interpret the relevancy of video content to specific users.
  • Data Enrichment and Privacy: Rich profiles about individuals are a powerful tool for marketing and sales. Global data privacy regulations, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), are changing the way that companies are permitted to collect information about individuals and communicate with them. GDPR requires that any E.U. resident gives explicit permission before information is collected by a company or analysis is performed about that person. ELEMENT™ of Marketing addresses this requirement in a novel way. When searching the web and other external data source for information about an individual, ELEMENT™ first interprets the residency and/or access location of that individual, then checks in real-time with your CRM records about whether they have given permission for data enrichment of their profile. If not, the data search can be halted before any records are adding to your systems. ELEMENT™ even is smart about disambiguating whether multiple sources of information referring to multiple entities with the same name have a strong likelihood to be the exact same person, and only enriching information about those people who have given permission.

Why choose ELEMENT™ of Marketing

ELEMENT™ of Marketing delivers eye-catching ROI, quickly. As an intelligence augmentation application, ELEMENT™ learns about your business activities and market environment through all available sources of internal and external data. It then autonomously discovers correlations between customer behavior, corporate strategies and economic results. A high visual interface allows your users to focus on the most impactful insights. As a result, BlackSwan has found that new customers can uncover initial insights in as little as a week after introducing the application. The result is Cognitive Computing Out of the Box for rapid realization of game-changing business results, with a low cost of ownership.

Each of the capabilities mentioned above, such as Customer Journey enhancement or Chatbots with natural language processing, can be deployed individually or combined into a complete platform for advanced marketing and corporate decisioning. No other A.I.-based business software includes such a wide array of intelligence-enhancing technology, including deep/machine learning, natural language processing, chatbots, contextual and predictive analytics, hypothesis testing, and more. That’s why we refer to it as an Enterprise A.I. Operating System.

ELEMENT™ for Marketing thrives in businesses where industry-specific expertise and processes are critical to support; core business functions benefit from centralized access to information; and enhanced decision-making can drive profitability and market leadership. It’s an enterprise-quality application with extensive attention to control and flexibility. Some of the most well-known brands in the world are using ELEMENT™.

Learn more about ELEMENT™ of Marketing by contacting us for a demonstration of capabilities. Experience BlackSwan Technologies’ vision of the Intelligence of Everything.

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