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Market Intelligence

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Smart decisions require access to accurate, complete real-time data. Whilst the general public companies’ data is available, ripe and ready to be picked and analyzed this doesn’t hold true for the startup world and privately held companies.

Currently on offer, are a variety of databases, analysts and research services-based data providers. Most companies subscribe to one or more databases in an effort to keep up with the market and support decision-making process for M&A, strategic investments, corporate innovation and product and competitor intelligence.

These solutions are expensive, offer limited value being data rather than intelligence-driven. Depict a snapshot, at times, out of date view of the startup landscape and largely depend on publicly available data voluntarily submitted offering little in the way of real time insights.

“in 2015 only 5% of the total addressable private data market of $26.5B was tapped. This market is predicted to grow exponentially over the next 5 years ”

Enterprises actively operating in a global marketplace are challenged by its diversity and scale. The complexity of acquiring and processing information, limits the organization ability to support these processes:

  • Coping with a data overload resulting from too many sectorial or regional reports, across multiple jurisdictions, verticals, languages, and technologies
  • 100% focus on historical facts without the ability to foresee emerging and future trends
  • Inability to differentiate collected data according to domain specific knowledge, and judge how it can impact different and at times conflicting business goals
  • Inherent latency, causing inability to react to swift changes, and missing pockets of opportunities and exposure to threats
  • Many organizations revert to utilizing external service providers, however these are rarely domain-specific, and may have a biased view

At BlackSwan Technologies we harnesses the power of cognitive big data technology crawling hundreds of thousands of multilingual websites and web services, detecting low signals but significant events using our proprietary knowledge graphs partnered with respectable mature media sources with a strong reputation and industry presence, a vast network of international contributors and broad perspective and insights of the market. We offer a real time dynamic view of the competitive landscape. Helping you answer the most burning business questions, uncovering patterns and trends in real time, driving your informed decision-making.

ELEMENT’s Market Intelligence application is the first autonomous, continuously-evolving index of companies worldwide. It includes in-depth profiles, relationship graphs and customisable quantitative and qualitative analysis. The application is ideal for researching private businesses, for whom data can be scarce and the effort to compile insights, time consuming. Use cases include deal flow origination, M&A due diligence, investment book production, competitive benchmarking, SWOT assessment, lead generation, and more.

ELEMENT™ Market Intelligence uses multiple sources of information to create a broad picture of the existing market, customers, problems, competition, and growth potential of an entity for its new products and services. ELEMENT™ sources information from open sources, including news outlets, surveys and social media, and a variety of high credential and restricted sources, and is already monitoring hundreds of millions of entities around the globe.

With ELEMENT™ of Market Intelligence the enterprise can:

  • Identify industries/companies with growth potential – Market Intelligence identifies where other companies and VC’s are investing, what are the up and coming technologies, geographic locations, skill sets and competencies.
  • Perform competitive analysis- Market Intelligence gathers and analyses your competitors’ activities and events thereby revealing competitors’ strategies and playbook
  • Make predictions – Market Intelligence automatically convert masses of data into insights, connecting seemingly disparate pieces of data, activities, events geographic
  • Engage with the data – Market Intelligence customizes the system to fit your specific needs by using a simple and interactive user interface. Filter the data by any valuable variable. Query the data in a simple and palatable format. Free yourself from building and maintaining tables and databases and focus on creating value.

Other applications

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ELEMENT™ of Compliance

Delivering an end-to-end financial crimes compliance process and leveraging advanced AI, this application addresses requirements for Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Watchlist Screening, Adverse Media Monitoring, and Transaction Monitoring & Intelligence, while dramatically increasing operational efficiencies.

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A complete framework to support the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis and production of digital data in order to sustain mission critical business processes.