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Credit Card Companies

Improve customer experience through personalised offers, rewards, and recommendations

BlackSwan’s flagship platform ELEMENT™ enables credit card companies to gain visibility into individual transactions and better understand their clientele using our market-leading Composite AI technologies including knowledge graphs and machine learning algorithms. ELEMENT indexes and analyses card holder data from internal and external sources, then clusters entities based on known parameters for further analysis.

Billions of transactions are correlated based on time, location and content, to identify group influencers. Holders of competitor cards are uncovered by matching purchasing behaviour and holder profile across segments. Companies can identify card holder influencers of particular groups, detect fraudulent activities, and tailor membership rewards and purchase recommendations in real time based on spending patterns. 


Why BlackSwan?


    • Advanced Market Intelligence 

      Personalise your customer journey by building comprehensive customer profiles, obtaining an individualised understanding of customer preferences, and deriving rich insights that help tailor financial offerings.


    • Robust Risk Management

      Enable rapid decisions on credit and loans by dynamically monitoring the direct and indirect risk implications of entities and their connections while analysing the impact associated with major life events.


    • Sophisticated Financial Crime Compliance

      Ensure you stay compliant, meet deadlines and can easily react to new regulations. Thwart money laundering and put a stop to fraudulent transactions.



Success Stories


    • A leading credit card issuer leveraged our ELEMENT™ platform to improve customer journey and increase sales by analysing internal data to gain an individualised understanding of millions of its card holders. Learn More


    • A top 30 bank used our ELEMENT of Customer 360™ application to create a true 360-degree view of its clients and their activities. Learn More


    • A world-leading bank surpassed corporate customer acquisition targets, improved new customer average profitability, and exposed previously unknown qualified leads by utilising ELEMENT to monetise information from internal and external sources.  Learn More


ELEMENT™ of Marketing

Gain new insights into customer behavior while personalising their user experience throughout the customer journey.

About BlackSwan Technologies

BlackSwan Technologies is reinventing enterprise software through Agile Intelligence for the Enterprise – a fusion of data, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies that provides unparalleled business value. Our multi-tiered enterprise offerings include the award-winning platform-as-a-service, ELEMENT™, which enables organizations to build enterprise AI applications at scale for any domain quickly and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. BlackSwan and its global partners also provide industry-proven applications that are ready-made and fully customisable for rapid ROI. These offerings are generating billions of dollars in economic value through digital transformation at renowned global brands. The private company maintains gravity centers in the UK, Europe, Israel, the US, and Sri Lanka.