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Revenue & Customs

Implement effective collection services with personalised interactions and transparency

BlackSwan’s ELEMENT of Public Sector™ enables better targeted interactions with citizens which help to encourage on-time payments. Case dashboards and data visualisation features, combined with military-grade security, facilitate collaboration with other government departments and agencies. Overall, the application optimises collection efforts and significantly improves department efficiency.

Our award-winning knowledge graphs represent information about taxpayers and their associates in a conceptual map, while enriching profiles with data from other external sources. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms assess entities (people, organisations, etc.) to verify whether they qualify for tax-exempt status, while providing transparency as to how the model functions.


Why BlackSwan?



    • Algorithmic Tax Enforcement

      Identify tax collection opportunities, prioritise focus areas for audits, and detect tax fraud by using AI algorithms to uncover patterns and identify tax returns likely to result in a change to taxpayers’ liability.


    • Smart Taxpayer Guidance

      Guide taxpayers intelligently through the tax filing process while detecting unintentional filing mistakes in real time to maximise error-free submissions, and issue reminders to entities that are yet to file.


    • Customs Declarations Verification

      Detect suspicious documentation by examining all documents filed by an entity over an extended period of time. AI algorithms help to detect forgery or other illicit behavioural patterns associated with the information. 


    • Efficient Data Collection

      Enrich filings with publicly available information and historical records. Categorise correspondence using natural language processing and contextual analytics to allow tax collection staff to batch together and process inquiries by response type.



Detecting and quantifying different aspects of risk related to an enterprise operation, recommending policies for risk mitigation, and promoting offerings to address them.


A complete framework to support the identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis and production of digital data in order to sustain mission critical business processes.

About BlackSwan Technologies

BlackSwan Technologies is reinventing enterprise software through Agile Intelligence for the Enterprise – a fusion of data, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies that provides unparalleled business value. Our multi-tiered enterprise offerings include the award-winning platform-as-a-service, ELEMENT™, which enables organizations to build enterprise AI applications at scale for any domain quickly and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. BlackSwan and its global partners also provide industry-proven applications that are ready-made and fully customisable for rapid ROI. These offerings are generating billions of dollars in economic value through digital transformation at renowned global brands. The private company maintains gravity centers in the UK, Europe, Israel, the US, and Sri Lanka.