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Market Data Integration via a Managed Service



  • Delivering an ideal combination of market-leading technology, native big data capabilities, operational excellence, and industry experience
  • Relying upon a single responsible party for platform design through operation
  • Improving organisational agility to add, modify or substitute information services and apply them easily in analytics models and applications
  • Lowering OPEX by introducing a managed service with flexible connectivity architecture, eliminating costly change management requests
  • Achieving benefits of industry best practices and top talent while reducing internal labour and capital expenses of a non-core function

Transformation at a global trade credit insurer from complex 3rd-party data collection to an enterprise-wide managed service, providing greater flexibility to incorporate new data sources and reducing change management costs



The insurer was collecting 3rd party data from over 200 jurisdictions for underwriting analysis

Data formats and integration methods varied widely by jurisdiction, data type and source, ranging from real-time connections, to emailed PDFs and bulk files

The firm’s inflexible, legacy approach to data integration led to slow decisioning, sub-optimal customer interactions, and high OpEx



  • Centralise an enterprise platform for 3rd party data integration, quality monitoring, transformation, and application usage
  • Harmonise related data from multiple sources
  • Expand employee access to information across the globe, on an as-needed basis
  • Transition to a OPEX-based managed service


  • Provided a comprehensive 3rd party data management platform that incorporated data source control and monitoring, ETL pipelines, business process/application orchestration, and system governance policies
  • Introduced underwriting decision-scoring as a unique knowledge discovery capability
  • Facilitated data handling including normalisation, unstructured data interpretation through NLP; entity disambiguation; information contextualisation and single source of truth via universal knowledge graph
  • Offered an MSP approach that incorporated shared technical and operational teams for maximum responsiveness plus robust governance structure

Continuous assessment of data sources ensures the most accurate and valuable single source of truth



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