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Modernising Data Quality & Governance



  • Providing a single point of visibility into data consumption across the enterprise
  • Improving data ingestion and integration with data platforms and data access via APIs
  • Reducing discrepancies between the data produced and the data consumed across the organisation
  • Lowering storage costs and compliance OPEX
  • Enforcing strict access controls

Modernisation of the data quality, governance and discoverability of a tier 1 bank using a decentralised Data Fabric approach powered by the ELEMENT of Market Data application, providing unparalleled visibility and enforcement over data usage



The top 30 international bank had over $2.5 trillion in assets under management and comparable volume of data

The bank served global private, corporate and institutional clients with over 50,000 employees, and was unable to enforce control decisions effectively

Attempts by the bank to centralise its data assets resulted in complexities and increased costs


  • Enhance data usability, security, availability, granularity and quality
  • Consolidate data sources and providers to obtain a single point of visibility for the querying of all datasets
  • Restrict data visibility and access at a granular level, and enable the querying of all datasets
  • Reduce siloed data assets and harmonise data sharing between teams
  • Streamline data ingestion and integration across the ecosystem


  • Deployed ELEMENT of Market Data’s Knowledge Mesh capabilities to access data from operational sources without the need for replication
  • Enabled the creation of in-time virtualized Data Lakes as needed
  • Provided clear governance over data consumption
  • Facilitated the management of internal and external data sources
  • Implemented advanced RBAC and ABAC for data sets at the finest granularity



Advanced role and attribute access controls enable organisations to achieve rigorous governance

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