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Modernising Data Quality & Governance

Modernisation of tier 1 bank’s data quality, governance and discoverability using a decentralised Data Fabric approach through the ELEMENT of Market Data application, providing unparalleled visibility and enforcement over data usage.

Customer 360 View

Creation of a holistic view of the clients and activities of a tier 1 bank using a Data Fabric concept actualised through the Knowledge Mesh capabilities of the ELEMENT of Customer 360 application, providing an up-to-date and accurate Single Customer View

Market Data Integration via a Managed Service

Transformation at a global trade credit insurer from complex 3rd-party data collection to an enterprise-wide managed service, providing greater flexibility to incorporate new data sources and reducing change management costs

Rapid Regulatory Response

Enablement of a leading British bank to mitigate a regulatory change impacting hundreds of thousands of documents, by utilising AI to automate and expedite the review process

Industrial Insurance Underwriting

Modernisation of the underwriting and risk engineering infrastructure of a leading international insurer specialising in industrial insurance, by automating processes to reduce risk exposure and lower operating expenses

Third Party Risk Management

Modernisation of a world-leading managed service provider offering third party risk management solutions, by automating workflows and increasing integration to reduce administrative burden

Document Exploitation

Enablement of tier 1 international bank to more efficiently extract entity information from internal and external documents, by utilising text analytics

Target Generation

Improvement of lead generation as part of customer acquisition at a world-leading bank, by monetising information available to the bank from internal and external sources

Improving Customer Journey

Improvement of customer journey for a world-leading outdoor parks and recreation company, by refining its understanding of guests’ behaviours and interactions using information from IoT devices and public data sources

Social Listening

Refinement of interactions with high net worth customers of a private banking and wealth management brand owned by one of the world’s largest banks, by deriving insights from open data sources, including journalism and social media

Talent Acquisition

Enhancement of talent acquisition for an industry-leading executive search firm, by pinpointing previously unreachable candidates using an AI-based searching, profiling and compatibility scoring system

Behavior-Based Personalization

Gaining an individualized understanding of a leading credit card issuer’s millions of card holders. Highlighting multiple, fresh and unique insights used for personalization, leveraging only internal data sources due to regulatory requirements

Model Risk Management

Modernising risk modelling infrastructure and lifecycle management at a world-leading bank – demonstrating advanced AI modelling, IP asset cataloging and workflow, and enterprise-wide data integration and cross-functional use

Predicting Class Action Lawsuit Profitability

Application of predictive modelling to class action lawsuits for a leading advisory firm specialising in litigation finance

On-Air Promotion Optimisation

Optimisation of on-air promotion for a large international TV network, utilising AI to automatically micro-segment customers and programming for advertising targeting

Market Intelligence

Enhancement of data acquisition for a global consulting firm that advises Fortune 1000 companies, transforming data gathered from open and restricted sources into valuable insights

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain optimization platform with AI-driven analysis, making automated recommendations more precise and timely and staff insights more strategic – increasing profitability and enabling Digital Transformation

Transaction Intelligence

Improving the quality of Anti-Money Laundering processes while reducing the associated costs through process automation

AI OS for Financial Institutions

Modernization of a tier-1 bank replacing multiple legacy systems with PaaS based applications – demonstrates multi-purpose, digital transformation inside a highly regulated data-intensive organization and as an OEM

Cyber Insurance Underwriting

Modernization of the cyber insurance infrastructure for a world-leading reinsurance company serving the entire insurance lifecycle, supporting underwriters, brokers and clients

FI Unit Technology

Next generation FIU technology PaaS for ventures brands (outperforms legacy systems using paid sources) – demonstrating advanced data source integration and rapidity of deployment

KYC Utility

KYC Utility – demonstrating modular, cross-functional nature of ELEMENT as part of a combined SaaS and Managed Service provision

Bank Compliance

A global bank addresses the risks and costs of conventional data sources and fragmented approaches to KYC and AML. Using BlackSwan’s ELEMENT™ of Compliance, operational costs are reduced by over 50% and highest-priority risks are given full attention within a comprehensive situational context.